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About us

Our story


Prestige Barbershop is a Florida-based upscale vibrant trendy barbershop established in 2015 as a corporation in Orlando, Florida. At our primary location, we have 14 barber chairs along with grooming products and apparel for retail sales.


At Prestige Barbershop, we have a different model as our barbers are considered strategic partners not just barbers. We understand that the brand and business is only half of what makes a prestigious barber shop and that our strategic partnerships with our master barbers is key.


We are committed towards offering highly exclusive barbing services and top-rated customer services in a vivaciousatmosphere, where individuals can relax and enjoy a unique and comfortable luxurious experience.

We aimed at providing an atmosphere with our vibrant colorful artistry shop for everyone, old or young and others who enjoy the pleasant look of having a prestigious haircut experience and would also like to shop for grooming products and apparel items. With the main priority of delivering state-of-the-art service to everyone that uses our services or Prestigious grooming products. Along with adding tremendous value to our community while providing a combination of world-class services that is currently declining in our industry.


The Founders expect that the business will aggressively expand during the next five years as we intend to provide the highest level of service and quality along with our unique and vibrant style barbershops.

Our Core Values

Our core mission is to provide an energetic environment that is affordable for our Customers and Barbers by providing quality, balance with a prestigious haircut and a smile. Prestige Barbershop is envisioned towards taking our brand PRESTIGE to the highest level and our neighboring businesses can venerate too.


Our Core Values

We have principles that guides our business. These principles communicates our ideals and speaks about which we are. At Prestige Barbershop, these set of principles are our mantra and it is applicable to every member of the team and management, as this will serve as a way to display and communicate who we are:

  • Commitment: We believe in the people that walk through our doors, we make a commitment to ensure that they have a memorabilia experience with our service.
  • Empathy: We understand that people are different and so they exhibit different temperament. Therefore, we will treat each client differently, giving the maximum attention, they deserve and helping them achieve their desired Prestige cut.
  • Humility: We respect our customers, place them in high esteem regardless of what each customer is bringing to the table and we are ready and willing to research the specific needs of each customer.
  • Integrity: We hold our integrity in high esteem and we don’t intend to destroy for any cause therefore, we will ensure that we do not breach the trust of our clients such that the image of our center is not destroyed and future business is not put at risk.
  • Highly-trained Team of Professionals: Our company will be built around highly trained and experienced barbers. To ensure that we take absolute care of our clients, as it relates to their goals and gives them the overall best.
  • Trust: Our client can rely on us for a remarkable service.
  • Innovation: We are dedicated to educating our staff and improving on our services by bringing the newest trends and tech savvy



What Clients Say

Been coming here for over a year now. All the barbers do great work you can’t go wrong with any of them but I always go to Tato. He’s always on point and very precise. Every time I leave there I always get compliments on my haircut and beard. I recommend him and the shop 100%

Anthony D’Alessandro

Awesome barbers that really take the time to make sure you are happy with their service. Highly recommend

Floy Morales

Awesome job! Great atmosphere and friendly staff would highly recommend if you need a good haircut in the area

Thomas Soto

I have had various barbers cut my haircut there and they have never disappointed. Always a clean cut and good atmosphere, definitely recommend it to anybody.

Gregory Jimenez